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Theatre Designers

Sewell Barn Theatre Society

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Sewell Barn has an ongoing need for lighting, sound, and set designers to help create high-quality amateur theatrical performances. Designers work closely with Production Directors to help them realise their vision on the stage.

Lighting designers work with DMX lighting and software (QLAb 4) and/or lighting desks (FLX Zero88) to create lighting states for the stage and the transitions between them.

Sound designers work with digital audio software and hardware as well as QLab 4 to create the music and sound effects for the stage.

Set designers create written designs for stage sets in a very interesting and unusual theatrical space. They work closely with Set Constructors to create theatrical settings that are safe for actors to use and are engaging for audiences.

Sewell Barn Theatre Society has recently invested a lot of time and funding in updating the tech that drives our lighting and sound infrastructure and we provide ongoing training and support in all aspects of this work.

People who are interested in these roles but who lack previous/transferable experience can work closely with experienced designers in order to learn the ropes and gain experience for future design work of their own.

Cassie Tillett

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One week

Art & Craft,Creative & Design

Experience of using digital audio software and hardware. Experience of using DMX lighting systems and creating cue playlists. The willingness to learn if experience is lacking. An appreciation for theatrical work.

18 and over

Art & Design,IT, Technology & Websites,Entertainment,Music

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