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St George's Crypt

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Our lunchtime service provides individuals with a 3 course meal, unlimited tea and coffee, access to showers and clean clothing, as well as a safe social environment to eat and get advice on possible next steps.

To ensure that the Crypt is a safe environment, we need support ensuring that no-one is entering the building under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or entering with an aggressive intent. Because of this we are looking for individuals who would be compassionate, and could be calm and supportive wherever possible, ensuring that our service users, volunteers and residents are safe at all times.

We require an individual each weekday from 11am to 1.30pm, these can be different individuals, so only 1 day of availability per individual is needed.

Olivia Quick

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Great George Street,


One Day


Email or call Olivia on 0113 245 9061.


An understanding of dealing with alcohol and drug abuse would be advantageous, as would negotiation skills.

This role gives the opportunity to ensure the safety of vulnerable individuals of Leeds. Allowing them to access local services in a violence, drug and alcohol-free environment.


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