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EASE (Engaging Activity Supporting Existence) is a Community Interest Company (CIC) that delivers both therapeutic interventions as well as befriending activities. We provide training to potential befrienders and support them in their role with weekly supervision by fully qualified Psychotherapists, Psychologists and other Healthcare Professionals.

Befrienders will work on a one to one basis with their Befriendees for one to two hours a week or fortnight, depending on the individual arrangements. They can have more than one befriender, in which case their volunteering opportunities can increase.

Some people do not get out of their house much as they do not have a reason too or maybe they are worried and so Befrienders will be going out with people within a community setting to encourage the befriendees to integrate into their society. The types of activities both may engage in would be for instance going to a cafe, looking around a shopping centre, going for a walk in the park and many more similar activities.

Lauren Sayers/Stefan Thackeray/Mark Rayner

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Metropolitan London, Hertfordshire, home counties plus possible expansion to further areas. EASE Wellbeing central office is Churchill House, 120 Bunns Lane, Mill Hill, London NW7 2AS


One week


Admin,Basic IT skills - internet & email,Managing People,Organising & Planning

Personable, engaging, interested in self-development and the helping professions. Additional skills in IT communication, interpersonal interaction are useful but training and supervision and an on-going assessment will be provided.

This role will support people who are interested either in volunteering or additionally in moving towards a career in the helping professions, whether counselling and psychotherapy or benefits, housing or social work vocations. They will have the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills to help others with difficulties such as loneliness, confidence, motivation, self- esteem and more.

18+,17 and under

Administration,Advice, Information & Support,Befriending, Buddying & Mentoring,Caring,Community Work,IT, Technology & Websites,Counselling,Entertainment,Teaching & Training,Youth Work,Environmental,Sport & Coaching,Support Work,Employee & Group Volunteering,General & Helping

 We welcome and/or have the resources to support:

People from a range of diverse socio-economic, cultural, religious and international backgrounds and operate an equal opportunities policy

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