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Emergency Centre Volunteers

The Royal Borough Kingston upon Thames

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Emergency Centre Volunteers will assist with the running of all types of emergency centres and the support given to those evacuated and or affected by the emergency incident.

Chris Begley

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In Borough or as part of mutual aid to an alternative London Borough or Surrey County Council / district.


One week


For further information please contact the Resilience Planning Manager on 020 8547 5400.

Key requirements: * Be available to attend an emergency centre as and when required, at any time of the day/night or week. * Be able to reach any location within Kingston, within one hour of activation regardless of the time of day, or day of week. * Have the capability to provide support to those evacuated and or affected by emergency incidents. * Have experience of working with the general public * Be willing to provide support in other boroughs or locations in London for pan London emergency incidents. Key skills: * Ability to volunteer effectively as part of a team * Ability to communicate with staff and residents effectively * Ability to build trust and a relationship with evacuees in an Emergency Centre * Prepared to listen and follow instructions from the Emergency Centre Manager Knowledge: * An understanding of the Emergency Centre Plan * Undertaking the registration and departure form process * Equipment to facilitate the Emergency Centre * First Aid Attributes: * To be able to handle pressure in an emergency * Being adaptable to work in a range of environments * To be polite, caring and sensitive to the needs of individuals * To take responsibility for the welfare of people at the Emergency Centre


Community Work,First Aid

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