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The newly established Woolwich Creative District Trust is seeking to recruit trustees to be responsible for overseeing the development and growth of this major new regeneration and cultural project on the site of the Royal Arsenal in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

This exiting venture consists of five large-scale listed buildings that are being adapted to deliver the place-making vision of a nationally significant and internationally acclaimed cultural destination.

This will be helping to transform the image of Woolwich as a vibrant and exciting place to live and visit.

The ideal candidates will demonstrate skills and experience of not for profit governance with organisations of similar scale and complexity in the cultural sector, or creative industries.

They will have proven track records and demonstrable professional skills in any of these areas such as finance, facilities management, creative arts, law, food and beverage operations, education and training, marketing or digital transformation.

Nadine Fulker

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Woolwich Arsenal


One week

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The principal duties of a member of the Board will be to: 1. Hold ultimate authority and accountability for the governance of the trust, ensuring that its affairs are conducted with probity and sound judgement and that the company complies in all respects with the law and the best principles of corporate governance. 2. Ensure that the trust fulfils its objectives and acts within its powers; 3. Ensure that the WCD’s assets are safeguarded and well managed and maintained. 4. Develop an understanding of the WCD’s cultural, social and business strategy in order to enable the Board to consider and approve its year on year business plan, setting its policy priorities and overall targets for all outputs and budgets. 5. Ensure that the WCD establishes sound cultural, commercial and social programmes which meet its objectives to develop high quality local provision and community programmes which prioritise work for a diverse range of children and young people reaching all parts of the Royal Borough. 6. Ensure the prudent financial management of the trust and, in particular, to discuss, set and review annual budgets and to scrutinise management accounts 7. Contribute to setting appropriate mechanisms by which the Board can monitor, evaluate and review the cultural and financial performance of the WCD and to participate actively in such reviews. 8. Appoint (and to determine the renewal or otherwise of the appointment) the CEO and Senior Management Team and set the terms and conditions of their employment. 9. Set the boundaries of delegation of powers to the senior executives and (in between meetings) the Chair. 10. Support the WCD’s work by attending events and by acting as its ambassador and advocate amongst private and professional networks of friends and colleagues 11. Attend and contribute to meetings of the Board and, in so doing, to act at all times in the sole interests of the company 12. Regulate the membership of the Board, to appoint bankers, cheque signatories and sub-committees and to regulate the conduct and proper employment of its staff. 13. Define the company’s employment policies, including equal opportunities, recruitment, pay and pensions, grievance and disciplinary procedures, appraisal, sickness, expenses, holidays and training. Skills needed: 1. Professional/management experience in a public or private sector organisation. 2. Strong interpersonal, communication and presentation skills. 3. Ability to think and act strategicall 4. Numeracy: ability to understand and interpret budgets and management accounts. 5. Ability to work as a member of a tea. 6. Interest in the arts and contemporary cultur 7. Enthusiasm for the WCD as a whol 8. Preparedness to make a personal commitment of time to the WCD. 9. Willingness to use networks of influence for the WCD’s benefit. 10. Local knowledge and contacts (desirabl) 11. Experience of board membership within the voluntary sector (desirable).

To be involved in the Woolwich Creative Directive's decision-making body where individual Board members will act both as Directors and Trustees. The Board will be responsible for the governance of the WCD as a whole.


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