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Adult Literacy volunteer tutor

Training Link

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We are running an adult literacy programme from September 2017 to August 2018, although we hope to secure further funding to continue the project. Learners spend one or two hours a week with a volunteer tutor, practicing reading, writing, grammar or spelling. The learners are at different levels, there is no set syllabus and the learner ‘sets the agenda’ for what areas they want to work on.

The volunteers

This volunteering opportunity is for people who are available during the day. This volunteering can take place in term time, is flexible, and the time and place are arranged to suit the learner and the volunteer.

Venue: The one-to-one meetings do not have to be at Training Link, where we have limited space, but can be at another agreed venue. However, they should not be in the home of the volunteer or the student. The time and day can be set by mutual agreement between the learner and the volunteer.

To book space at Training Link, email

The role would suit anyone with good interpersonal skills, and possibly a teaching, training or mentoring background. However, patience and enthusiasm are more important than any formal qualifications.

If the relationship between the student and the volunteer does not work, there can be a ‘clean break’ from one or both parties, and a new student or volunteer as appropriate will be allocated.

Time commitment: One to two hours a week.

Expenses: Training Link will pay reasonable travel expenses. Training Link will provide educational material, but some learners may also have books that they want to use.

Support: Support for volunteers will be available from Chris Carr, the project co-ordinator. We will aim to have a review meeting or discussion after 4 weeks, and then once every 6 to 8 weeks.

For further information contact:
Chris Carr (Project co-ordinator) or Peter Lush (Training Link Director).
020-7383-5405 (Training Link) or 07973-845285 (Peter Lush)
Or email:

Training Link is based at 54-56 Phoenix Road, London NW1 1ES.
For further information about our adult education and training work visit

This project is funded by Camden Giving.

Chris Carr

Further location details may be provided below.

54-56 Phoenix Road


We are at the back of the British Library, halfway between Euston & St Pancras stations. Buses 253 or 168 down Eversholt St.

One week


Phone 020-7383-5405 or email

Reading & Writing

No teaching or tutoring experience necessary, just plenty of patience and enthusiasm.

Good experience working with people

18 and over

Teaching & Training,Befriending, Buddying & Mentoring

 We welcome and/or have the resources to support:

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